La Colina Junior High School

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YEAR 1: FRENCH 1A, LATIN 1A, SPANISH 1A: These are one-year classes with an emphasis on listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as learning about the culture of the related countries. Students who successfully complete this class and the year-long 8th grade 2nd-year class will earn one year of high school credit.

YEAR 2: FRENCH 2, LATIN 2, SPANISH 2: Our second-year foreign language classes will continue to emphasize listening, speaking and writing in the foreign language as well as working in groups and projects related to foreign cultures. Students need to have successfully completed the year-long class in 7th grade in order to be enrolled in these year-long classes.  Students that complete the two-year foreign language classes earn one year of credit at the high schools.

Faculty Members:

Kimberly Anderson

Sarah McGinnis

Whitney Paz

Charles Souther

Belinda White