La Colina Junior High School

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Outsiders Greaser Day

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Voice Male

Basketball After-School Sports

After-School Sports 

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Marching Band

Veterans Day in Social Studies

Chess Club

Soccer After-School Sports

Soccer After-School Sports

ASB Poster-makers

Barbarians attack in Social Studies

Science Fair

Advanced Band

Track and Field

SB County Science Fair

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Coding Class

John Lennon asks us to "Imagine Peace"

Pajama Day 2017

Math Club

Amore Choir

College Shirt Day

Congratulations to our Students of the Month: Ellie Monson, Eli Heinze, Portland Tolbert, and Donald Valencia! Congratulations to our Rising Stars: Diana Ybarra Bribiesca, Erick Rodriguez Martinez, Natalie Sanchez Segura, and Samuel Sanchez!

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Independence Day
Date: 7/4/2019
Distribution of PE Clothes/Agendas/Schedules
Date: 8/13/2019, 1 PM 3 PM
Distribution of PE Clothes/Agendas/Schedules
Date: 8/14/2019, 3 PM 5 PM
Back to School Picnic
Date: 8/14/2019, 5 PM 7 PM
Location: Field
Distribution of PE Clothes/Agendas/Schedules
Date: 8/15/2019, 1 PM 3 PM

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