Principal's Message

Principal Jennifer Foster


It is the vision of the La Colina Junior High School community that everyone associated with the school including students, parents/guardians, and staff dedicate themselves to the goal that all students will demonstrate proficiency or higher with regard to the academic content standards and develop the skills necessary for success in high school, college and career. Our culture promotes equity, access, relevance, rigor, and positive relationships. All human and material resources of La Colina Junior High School will be dedicated to these purposes.


La Colina Junior High School was constructed on a 29-acre site and opened in September 1959. Originally operated as a three-year school, La Colina became a two-year junior high in 1981. La Colina is set back from Foothill Road, near the San Marcos Pass highway, with views of the mountains and the ocean.

The staff includes over 50 regular education teachers, three special education teachers, two counselors, one school psychologist, one health assistant, one librarian, one library assistant, two full-time administrators and one part-time administrator. Support staff includes office personnel, grounds and building maintenance staff, food service workers and paraeducators who support students with IEPs and Emerging Multilingual students.

Annually, La Colina Junior High is one of the highest achieving middle schools in the state. It has consistently exceeded the state indicators of academic achievement and progress. The vision of the school is to provide a rigorous standards-based instructional program that is based on a culture of equity and access including the 3R’s (relevance, rigor and relationships), and promotes excellence for all.

The instructional program at La Colina Junior High is designed to encourage hard work, good study habits, collaboration and academic achievement. Core classes include: English Language Arts, mathematics, science and social studies. A robust Physical Education program is also part of the required course offerings in junior high school.

Key to La Colina’s success is the “team” concept. Within each subject area, there are sub-group teams such as English Language Arts – grade 7 or science – grade 8. These teams are referred to as Professional Learning Communities (PLC). The teachers complete all of the organization, planning, assessments, analysis of the assessments and intervention together.

Other instructional program highlights include:

  • World Languages (Spanish and French)
  • Vocal music (ensembles and chorus)
  • Theater and Musical Theater
  • Instrumental Music (Advanced Band, Beginning Band, Jazz Band, Orchestra and Drumline)
  • Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID; prepares students for college eligibility and success)
  • Visual Arts (drawing, painting and design)
  • English Language Development classes for Emerging Multilingual students
  • Support classes for students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPS)
  • Academic support classes (Fundamentals of Success; Math Support)

Our staff is committed to supporting all students and families to have a successful experience at La Colina Junior High School. Go Lions!