Virtual Tour of La Colina!

Tap the image below to enter the virtual tour!

Tap this image to enter the virtual tour


Hello all!  Welcome to our 360˚ Virtual Tour of La Colina Junior High School!  Come and have a look at our campus.


This tour contains over 100 different photo spheres of the school, which include every room on campus, from the office to the locker rooms. You can also visit the exterior parts of the campus, like the grass field and the lunch court. The North Campus is featured as well. Every classroom is included in the tour, too!

Why use this tour?

Whether you are a current 7th grader who wants to get to know their own school during remote learning, an 8th grader who wants to see where their teachers teach, or a current 6th grade parent or student who wants to know what La Colina looks like before deciding what junior high school to go to, this tour is for you! For our current students, you most likely have no idea where you are supposed to be going every day for each of your classes.  Well, you are in luck, because in addition to the tour, we have for you a sheet telling which teachers teach in each room number. Find your teacher’s name on the sheet, and look at their room number on the left. Then hop into the tour, and find that specific room using the scroller at the top. If you are a 6th grade family, then hopefully this tour can help you on your difficult decision of where to send your child for 7th grade. 

How does this tour work?

Instructional videos will appear soon, and there is a silent video for now, to give you a sense of how the tour works. When you enter the tour, you will see red arrows all around you. Simply click those arrows to move from place to place - it’s that easy! The green title below will indicate where you are. For a view from above of the entire campus, you can press the green “floor plan” button at right. From there, click the green dots on the map to jump to different scenes. Finally, you can scroll across the top to find a specific room. You can enter full screen to have a cleaner view of the tour by clicking the “full screen” button at the right, although we do not recommend it if you are using an iPad because there will be a pop-ups on your screen every 30 seconds. When you enter the tour at the very beginning, it may ask you if you allow “autoplay” audio to play. If you click allow, a background music will play. You can use the “Music” button on the right to pause it.

Content credit: Kian Strenn, 2020