La Colina Junior High School

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District Responds to Blog Post

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 -  This morning, Santa Barbara Unified School District was informed by an individual in the state of Ohio that a post had been made on a blog site. It is our understanding that the blog site is generally used by college students. The entry stated, “thinking about shooting my classroom.” Then added, “Santa Barbara beware.” Immediately, district officials met with the Santa Barbara Police Department to discuss the blog post. While the blog post was not directed at a particular school or district, Santa Barbara Unified notified all neighboring schools districts and colleges in the community. It has been determined to be a nonspecific threat but as a precautionary measure, we are informing all parents and staff in Santa Barbara Unified School District of the blog post. As a result of the post being nonspecific and unrelated to our schools, our schools remain open. Our school district officials are working with local law enforcement and taking this information very seriously. The safety of our students and staff remains our highest priority.