La Colina Junior High School

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BEGINNING CONCERT BAND: Designed for less experienced students and those who have never played an instrument before.  The basics of instrumental technique, reading and music theory are covered.

ADVANCED BAND: This group will explore a wide range of concert band literature. Performances in parades, concerts and music festivals are held during the year. Auditions will be held in May.

JAZZ BAND: Made up of brass and saxophone players, plus an experienced pianist, bass player and drummer, this class focuses on classic jazz and big band music of different styles and genres. Students must also enroll in Concert Band. This class is by auditions only, which are held in May.

DRUM LINE: This class is open to percussion students who have at least one year playing experience and have auditioned and have been accepted by the instructor. Auditions will be held in May.

CHORUS: This “0-period” vocal group is open to all students, and is designed to give students instruction in vocal techniques, experience in part-singing, and performance. Outburst is the elite performing group that meets several times each week. Auditions for Outburst will be held in May.

MUSICAL THEATER: A rigorous, performance-oriented class that offers training in the three disciplines of acting, voice, and dance. Students will be given training in acting, singing/voice, dance, improvisation, pantomime, characterization, concentration, and audition techniques. Students must have taken either Choir or Theater during 7th grade. Students in this class will be involved in the Spring Musical.

Faculty Members:

Stephen Hughes

Rachel La Commare